Spiritual Life Project

Spiritual Life Project

Encouraging FSU Students’ Search for Meaning, Purpose and Authenticity.

Florida State University’s Spiritual Life Project fosters students’ search for meaning, purpose, and authenticity in life. We are committed to deepening our community’s self-understanding, broadening our awareness of diverse perspectives and ourselves as global citizens, and developing a sense of commitment to higher ideals.

The Spiritual Life Project, including students, faculty, and administrators, encourages the Florida State University community to:

  • Reflect on their meaning and purpose in life through the profound questions they discover
  • Identify a path through which they could make a meaningful difference in this world
  • Come to a clearer understanding of the complex moral issues inherent in human life
  • Develop the knowledge and skills for effective, ethical, and responsible participation in the world
  • Engage in critical thinking through open dialogue among diverse individuals within, across and outside of religious contexts.

We do this through monthly Gatherings that include conversations and dialogue around the outcomes listed above, as well as through campus programming and co-programming initiatives.  The Spiritual Life Project also facilitates courses and curriculum that provide students opportunities to explore human search for meaning, purpose, and authenticity.

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